Vera Gastmann. "Take my hand and lead me away from this abyss..."

Take my hand and lead me away from this abyss
What a word - abyss - like falling and falling forever
I'm afraid not of your hell and paradise
Now I know thim too well
No, I'm afraid of silence and nothingness
Of eternal winter within your love
You've got angels and lovers of your own
And I'm not among them though I need you
And I don't even ask you why.
What isn't wanted just isn't wanted
No sense saying it's not fair -
That's the way our world goes round
So simple but not too easy to understand
Such a pain like I'm dying and dying
I wanna die into your melodies
Take my hand and look into my eyes
To see your reflection
But you only smile and it's again high time to go
You take another poem of mine
They rustle around you
Like fallen leaves
Nothing more
I deserve