Covenant: DVD "In Transit" (2007)

DVD 1: In Transit - The Movie

1. Intro
2. 20 Hz
3. Hello & Welcome
4. Building Up
5. Bullet
6. Germans Are Spoilt
7. Leviathian
8. Skyshaper Revisited
9. Men or Mice?
10. Aftershow Party 1
11. Swimming
12. Making Interviews in Hamburg
13. Der Leiermann
14. Can Noise be Ritual?
15. On the Road
16. Prometheus
17. The Matrix and its Masters
18. We Stand Alone
19. Are We Happy Men?
20. The Skyshaper World Tour
21. Mexico
22. Stalker
23. Aftershow Party 2
24. About Falling Out of Cars and the Pulse
25. North America - NYC to Ogalalla and Beyond
26. Babel - Past Present & Future
27. Russia - Earth, Sky, Cosmos
28. Is the New World Brave?
29. South America - Eva Peron Never Cried For Us
30. Call the Ships to Port
31. Dead Stars
32. After all...
33. Credits
34. Outro

DVD 2: Live in Germany (Bonus Disc)

1. Intro
2. Bullet
3. Leviathan
4. Like Tears in Rain
5. Prometheus
6. The Men
7. We Stand Alone
8. Ritual Noise
9. Stalker
10. Happy Man
11. Dead Stars
12. Brave New World
13. Call the Ships to Port

Live at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig 2004:

14. Call the Ships to Port
15. Edge of Dawn
16. Invisible & Silent

Bonus Material:

17. New York City
18. Mexico City
19. Happy Man Video Clip

Deleted Scene:

20. South America

CD: In Transit Live

1. Intro
2. 20 Hz
3. Bullet
4. Leviathan
5. Go Film
6. The Men
7. We Stand Alone
8. Ritual Noise
9. Happy Man
10. Call The Ships To Port
11. Dead Stars
12. Pulse
13. Babel

© октябрь 2007 Synthetic Symphony

      двойной DVD "In Transit" в Европе и во всем мире, кроме США, издан в двух версиях: обычная (двойной DVD) и лимитированная (двойной DVD и концертный альбом).
      первый диск DVD включает в себя фильм о группе, где можно увидеть несколько интервью с участниками группы и с командой, сопровождающей группу во время турне, а также - отрывки с концертных выступлений по всему миру (Европа, США, Южная Америка, Россия), эксклюзивные кадры, снятые за кулисами и в тур-автобусе.
      второй диск DVD представляет собой видеозапись полного концертного выступления из 13 песен, сделанную в Германии во время турне по альбому "Skyshaper"; а также - видеозапись 3 песен с легендарного концертного выступления во время фестиваля Wave Gotik Treffen в 2004-м году в Лейпциге, Германия; домашнее видео из поездки в Нью-Йорк и Мехико-Сити; уникальное видео на песню "Happy Man"; удаленные сцены.
      CD "In Transit", входящий в лимитированное издание этого DVD, является концертным альбомом с сет-листом, полностью отличающимся от представленного на DVD. этот концертный альбом в Европе и во всем мире, кроме США, издан только как часть лимитированного DVD и не доступен в продаже отдельно от него.
      в США этот DVD вышел в версии 1 DVD + отдельно CD. американское издание отличается еще и несколько иным содержанием фильма и 5 песнями, записанными во время турне по альбому "Skyshaper".


      Clas Nachmanson - Keyboards, backing vocals
      Eskil Simonsson - Lead vocals
      Joakim Montelius - Keyboards, vocal noise

      Audio recorded live and mixed (2.1 & 5.1) by Jürgen Jansen.
      Audio produced by Eskil Simonsson & Jürgen Jansen.
      All music written and produced by Eskil Simonsson & Joakim Montelius.
      "Bullet", "Call The Ships To Port" and "We Stand Alone" produced by Jacob Hellner.

      Additional video by Aliki Giannaki and Covenant.

      Stills by Aliki Giannaki, Claudia Schöne & Dani Vorndran.
      Additional stills by Covenant and Daniel Myer. Band live photo by Claudia Schöne.
      Graphics concept and design by Tobias Green.

      "20 Hz", "Brave New World", "Bullet", "Call The Ships To Port", "Happy Man", "Prometheus", "Pulse", "Ritual Noise", "The Men" & "We Stand Alone" published by AMV-Talpa.
      "Babel", "Leviathan" & "Stalker" published by Memento Materia.
      "Dead Stars" & "Der Leiermann" published by Warner-Chappell Scandinavia.

      The Crew

      Without our great friends and esteemed professionals who do practically everything except being on stage performing the music, we wouldn't have been able to do this tour. Thank you so very much!

      Alexander Popp - Stage Manager (North America)
      Aliki Giannaki - Merchandiser (North America)
      Axel Ermes - Assistant Sound Engineer (Europe)
      Carsten Lederer - Merchandiser (Europe)
      Daniel Jonasson - Tour Manager (Great Britain)
      Django Aue - Lighting Assistant (Europe)
      Joakim Johansen - Lighting Engineer (North America)
      Jörgen Strandquist - Sound Engineer (North America, Great Britain)
      Jürgen Jansen - Sound Engineer
      Kai Lotze - Tour Manager, Booking Agent
      Mattias "Matzo" Konrad - Monitor Sound Engineer/Stage Manager (Europe)
      Nikki Solgot - Booking Agent (North America)
      Sean Sitka - Bus Driver (North America)
      Simone Wernsdorf - Bus Driver (Europe)
      Stefan Herwig - Tour Manager (North America)
      Stephan Aue - Lighting Engineer & Stage Designer (Europe)

      The Support Bands

      Client (Europe) - Emily Mann, Kate Holmes & Sarah Blackwood
      Rotersand (Europe & North America) - Günther Gerl, Krischan Wesenberg & Rascal Nikov
      Imperative Reaction (North America) - Clint Carney, Sam Pfannkuche & Ted Phelps

      DVD Production by RoaxFilms

      Film crew:

      Production Leader On Site - Rob Protzmann
      Director Of Photography - Ronald Matthes
      Camera - Timo Blazyczek, Richy Schäfer, Jörg Lassek, Dominic Schäfer, Jens Krger, Axel Hoorn
      Camera Assistant - Stefanie Protzmann, Henri Krutowsky
      Crane Operator - Stefan Scheuring, Christopher Krätzmann
      Dolly Operator - Christian Strehse
      Live Audio-Recording - Jürgen Jansen
      Film Crew Administrator - Rob Protzmann
      Assistant Film Crew Administator - Wula Ifantidis, Stefanie Protzmann

      Post Production:

      Assistant Editors - Philipp Gosselk, Yvonne Schröder, Matthias Preuß
      Colour Correction - Erik Fugmann-Brandt, Daryoush Zandi
      Editor - Daryoush Zandi, Erik Fugmann-Brandt
      Animation - Vitali Geyer
      Authoring - Thomas Grummt
      Post Production Coordination - Henry Wulff, Kaja Kargus
      Manufacturing Leader - Henry Wulff
      Produced by Covenant/Mindbase - Stefan Herwig in Association with Roaxfilms
      Executive Producer - Ronald Matthes
      Directed by Ronald Matthes

      Credits - Bonus Disk

      Wave Gotik Treffen 2004:

      WGT footage used with kind permission of Inmove GmbH.
      Thanks to Sven Borges.
      WGT Video Projection by Pfadfinderei used with kind permission of Pfadfinderei.
      Thanks to Codec.

      New York City and Mexico City clips are parts of the Covenant Go Film project.
      Concept and video by Aliki Giannaki.
      Cut and Designed by Theo Manetas @ Myserious Art.

      Special thanks to all of you who took part in this project.
      More to come at &

      "Happy Man" video clip:

      Concept by Henrik Pilerud. 3D-modelling by Magnus Hagerman.
      Animation by Mikael Burman.