Covenant: Figurehead (1995)

1. Figurehead (Plain)
2. Speed (Club Version)
3. Voices (Optocoded By Optocode)
4. Speed (Optodecoded By Optocode)

© октябрь 1995 Memento Materia
© октябрь 1995 Off Beat Records

      Music by Eskil Simonsson; lyrics by Joakim Montelius, except "Speed" by Eskil Simonsson.
      Track 3/4 remixed and treated by Claes Algström - Optocode.
      Produced and engineered by Eskil Simonsson, except track 3/4 co-produced and co-engineered with Claes Algström - Optocode.
      Image/Typography by The Sample.