Covenant: Northern Light (2002)

1. Monochrome
2. Call The Ships To Port
3. Bullet
4. Invisible & Silent
5. Prometheus
6. We Stand Alone
7. Rising Sun
8. Winter Comes
9. We Want Revolution
10. Scared
11. Atlas

© сентябрь 2002 ka2 Music Records

      Behind The Scenes:
      Kai for taking us places.
      Jürgen for making us heard.
      Stephan for blinding visions.
      Paul, Syn, Krzysztof, Hagen, Jim and Keith for the trans-american odyssey.
      Axel and Guldo for backup vigilance.

      Anna at 1-2-3 for aesthetic excellence.
      Thomas for the ever present plastiq flowers.
      Dirk Rudolph for cooling things down.
      The Kasskara polar team for the midnight sun.
      Jörn at DoRo and crew for showing us what androids dream of.
      Mirko and die WG team for calling ships to port.

      Essential People:
      Thomas and Marika for shelter against the storm.
      Danucci for nocturnal expertise and great ideas.
      Antonio for making our computers soft.
      Jenny S. for keeping Joakim sane.
      Patrick for enthusiastic studio renovation.
      All the people at Tip Top for underground company.
      Friends, family and fans who have supported us over the years and you!

      All music written by Eskil Simonsson except "Rising Sun" by Eskil Simonsson and Steve Stoll.
      "Monochrome", "Call The Ships To Port", "Invisible & Silent", "Prometheus" and "We Want Revolution" lyrics written by Joakim Montelius.
      "We Stand Alone", "Winter Comes", "Scared" and "Atlas" lyrics written by Eskil Simonsson.
      "Bullet" lyrics written by Eskil Simonsson and Joakim Montelius.
      "Rising Sun" lyrics written by Joakim Montelius and Steve Stoll.

      All tracks produced by Jacob Hellner.
      Pre-production by Covenant.
      All tracks recorded at Jacob's Studio, Stockholm.
      Additional recordings at Decibel Studio, Stockholm.

      Tracks "Call The Ships To Port", "Bullet", "Invisible & Silent" and "Prometheus" mixed by Stefan Gaufmann at ToyTown Studios, Stockholm.
      Tracks "Monochrome", "We Stand Alone", "Rising Sun", "Winter Comes", "We Want Revolution", "Scared" and "Atlas" mixed by Ulf Kruckenberg at Megaphone Studio 1, Stockholm.

      Live Drums played by Richard Nettermann.
      Additional programming by Axwell.
      "Rising Sun" contains elements of "Reciproheat" written by Steve Stoll published by Strictly Confidential UK and "Falling Down" by Steve Stoll published by Strictly Confidential UK.
      Strings on "Invisible & Silent" arranged and conducted by Joakim Milder, played by Stockholm Session Orchestra, recorded at Sound Trade Studio I.
      Backing vocals on "Bullet", "Scared" and "Atlas" by Lizzi.
      Bass on "Atlas" played by Ulf Ralvarsson.

      Mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm.
      "Monochrome" published by AMV Alster Musikverlag for Scandinavia: Memento Materia, Scandinavia.
      "Call The Ships To Port", "Bullet", "Invisible & Silent", "Prometheus", "We Stand Alone", "Winter Comes", "We Want Revolution", "Scared" and "Atlas" published by AMV Alster Musikverlag, for Scandinavia published by Warner/Chappell.
      "Rising Sun" published for Covenant by AMV Alster Musikverlag, for Scandinavia published by Warner/Chappell; for Steve Stoll published by Strictly Confidential UK, SV for GAS Strictly Confidential Germany, c/o Rolf Budde Musikverlag.

      Design: Dirk Rudolph.
      Photography: Kasskara.