Covenant: Bullet (2002)

1. Bullet (Radio Edit)
2. Bullet (Club Version By Eskil Simonsson)
3. Bullet (Ellen Alien "Flow Mix")
4. Bullet (Le Dust Sucker Mix)
5. Atom Heart (Unreleased Bonus-Track)

© январь 2002 ka2 Music Records

      Music by Eskil Simonsson.
      Lyrics by Joakim Montelius & Eskil Simonsson.
      Mastered by Björn Engelmann ("Bullet Radio Edit") at Master & Servant Studio.

Bullet Radio Edit:
      Mixed by Stefan Glaumann.
      Produced by Jacob Hellner.
      Pre-production by Covenant.
      Additional programming by Axwell.
      Backing Vocals by Lizzi.
      Live Drums by Ricard Nettermalm.

Bullet Club Version By Eskil Simonsson:
      Produced by Eskil Simonsson.

Bullet Ellen Alien "Flow Mix":
      Produced by Sascha Ring.
      Producer and vocals by Ellen Alien.
      Remixed by Ellen Alien and Sascha Ring.

Bullet Le Dust Sucker Mix:
      Remixed and produced by Le Dust Sucker.

Atom Heart:
      Produced and recorded by Eskil Simonsson.