Henke: Herz (2012)

1. Herz
2. Helden
3. Orangenschiffchen
4. Weil Ich Es Kann (Live)
5. Herz (Hidden Remix)

© 2012 Oblivion

      Henke are:

      Oswald Henke - vocals
      Benjamin Küfner - drums & percussions
      Tom Bola - bass
      Stefan Söllner - guitars
      Tobias Schäfer - piano, keys

      Former member Hanna Løg: piano on "Orangenschiffchen", "Helden" & "Weil ich es kann (Live)"

      Very special guests:

      Sonja Kraushofer - female vocals on "Helden"
      Martin Höfert - cello on "Herz"

      Song 1. recorded at Piano Showroom Sebastian Boettcher, Bindlacher Berg
      Songs 2. & 3. recorded at Musikwerk, Kulmbach
      Song 4. recorded live on September 10th 2011 at Reithalle Strasse E, Dresden

      All recording, editing and mixing by Bernd Friebe at Tritone Studio, Hof.

      Thanks to:
      Hanna Løg, Bernd Friebe, Roland Lang, Ernie Echtzeit, Karola Dette, Shy Faghiri, Alex Kolbe, Capote and to our coach driver Vladimir Böttcher.

      Special thanks to:
      Ulrike & Felix, Stephan Benn, Coma Divine, Eric Burton, Sebastian Boettcher, Nadine Steinert and to all of our "Promosklaven".

      All songs written by Henke, except
      - "Helden" words and music by David Bowie
      - "Orangenschiffchen" music by Alexander Popp

      Artwork & Artwork-Photos:
      Rank Grafik-Design (www.ulrikerank.com)

      Label: Oblivion
      Distributor: SPV

      Merchandise: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

      This EP is the 3rd part of a trilogy consisting of: EP "Vom A zum F", Album "Seelenfütterung" and EP "Herz".