Henke: Seelenfütterung (2011)

1. Weil ich es kann
2. Es ist Nacht
3. Wer mich liebt
4. Uhren essen
5. Ohne Titel
6. Seelenfütterung
7. Findenzoo
8. Ich Protestiere
9. Manisch Aggressiv
10. Vom A zum F
11. An jedem Haar
12. Traumzeitlos
13. Herbstkinder

© 2011 Oblivion

      All lyrics by Oswald Henke
      All music by Hanna Løg, Tom Bola, Stefan Söllner and Benjamin Küfner except:
      "Ich protestiere" - music by Alexander Popp
      "Ohne Titel 1" - music by René Gruhl
      "Seelenfütterung" - music by Bernd Friebe

      Recorded by Bernd Friebe at different places in Germany.
      Mixed by Bernd Friebe at Tritone Studio.
      Additional Recordings: keyboards & loops by Tom Bola and Stefan Söllner
      Mastering by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto Mastering GmbH
      Produced by Oswald Henke

      Vocals & instruments:

      Vocals male & chimes: Oswald Henke
      Vocals female & piano: Hanna Løg
      Bass, keyboards, programming & sounddesign: Tom Bola
      Guitars: Stefan Söllner
      Drums & percussion: Benjamin Küfner
      Choir voices male: Tom Bola, Stefan Söllner, Benjamin Küfner

      Additional instruments:
      "Findenzoo" - additional guitar by Bernd Friebe
      "Ich protestiere" - keyboards by Alexander Popp

      Coverartwork & Photography: Ulrike Rank

      "I am a vegetarian! For the cover artwork of the Henke Trilogie no animal were harmed, burned or killed."

      Numerary Artwork: Günter Rank
      Band photos: Tibor Bozi

      Thanks to:
      René Gruhl & Alexander Popp for their work for Henke.
      Eric Burton, Gerro Herrde, Christian Potthast, Roland Lang, Alexander Kolbe and Nadine Steinert at Gravity Concerts.
      Chris Ehrenberg, Ernie Konermann, Laller, Capote, Carsten Klatte, Fil Groth, Karola Dette, Shy, Felix Kloppmann & all people who believe in Henke.

      Very special thanks to the Henke Promoslave Team.

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      Infos about Henke: http://www.henkeband.de

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