Snakeskin: Canta'Tronic (2006)

1. Etterna
2. StoneColdHands
3. Bite me
4. La Force
5. Mortal Life
6. Still Not Home
7. The Etternal
8. Manora
9. Tourniquet
10. Recall II

Bonus Tracks:

11. Bite Me (Club-Mix)
12. Etterna (Club-Mix)
13. Etterna (FAQed up Remix)

© 2006 Hall Of Sermon

      Written, composed, arranged, performed (except all female vocals by Kerstin Doelle) and produced by Tilo Wolff
      "Etterna - FAQed up Remix" by FAQ/Thomas Daverio
      Recorded at the Studio au Parc, Switzerland except the vocals of Kerstin Doelle recorded and mixed by JP Genkel at Impulse Musicproductions, Germany
      Mastered by Tom Meyer at Master & Servant, Germany

      Photographies by Martin Perreault
      Additional photographies by Dodopics
      Photos of Tilo Wolff by Camino

      Artwork by Ingo Römling, monozelle

      Kerstin Doelle wishes to thank: With love my parents, my Maestro Bernhard Adler, brother by soul Jörg, the friends, Anni, Soundmaster JP, Tilo for his wonderful music and... Jens!