Snakeskin: Music For The Lost (2004)

I Am The Dark

Don't come near - I am the Dark

Furious Stars

Time will end - furious stars upon us -
In my life these furious stars will condemn


My love - my Babylon - Melissa

Waking A Lie

Waking you is like waking a lie -
This is like wasting our time


We are alive
Not feeling quite alive

Panicky Joy

Panicky joy is never pumping joy -
Only keeps you on the line


Hey, my lady -
Would you care
For another dimension? -
All you need
Is just a little attention -
Hey, Cinderella,
Would you care for

Symphony Of Pain

My heart is like
An infantry -
My mind is like
A minefield -
And it hurts -
This solitude
Is like a symphony
Of pain!

Come As You Are

Why can't you be like thy?


Who can kill the pain
Your love left behind?
And who can
Kill the animal
That I became?