Snakeskin: Canta'Tronic (2006)


These StoneColdHands - these trembling hands - let me out
let me breathe - spread your wings - spread your wings and and fly!

Bite Me

Bite me - kill me - take my pride
take my strength and take my life
take it all - I don't ask why!

Mortal Life

Waiting down the line - my heart is falling down
I see your reflection in my eyes
wanted to find you all my life - you are here
with me - how can I?..

Still Not Home

My dearest is lost - so am I - misplaced - alone and in this together!

The Eternal

My desire - the eternal flame - she would never lie to me - the eternal
my desire - she will never die and I will rise!


Manora lei...


What do you care - my little tourniquet?
My fantasy - my babylon
my gravity - my door inside...

Recall II

My life is waiting - recall - no time to cry - recall
I just want to dream before I die!