Sopor Aeternus: DVD The Goat... And Other Re-Animated... (2009)

1. The Goat
2. The Dog Burial (Slightly Altered Version)
3. And Bringer Of Sadness
4. Deep The Eternal Forest (1. Version)
5. Deep The Eternal Forest (2. Version)
6. The Bells Have Stopped Ringing (Iriginal Colour Version)
7. The Bells Have Stopped Ringing (B/W Version)
8. Dead Lovers' Sarabande 1 (Trailer)
9. Les Fleurs Du Mal (Teaser)

© 2000 Apocalyptic Vision

      "Because of a new regulation all DVDs must carry the insanely huge FSK logo in the lower left corner of the front cover now. Therefore we added another 4 pages (making it a 12-pages booklet), so that this obscene thing can be easily ripped off, if you simply cannot bear the sight of it. In other words: don't be offended, when you see the lovely cover being ruined by this ugly, green monstrosity ... - it's still all beautiful underneath."
      DVD contains hiden video "Sanatorium Altrosa (Trailer)".
      Cleartray jewelcase with 8-pages booklet (region free, 4:3, stereo 2.0).