Sopor Aeternus: Songs From The Inverted Womb (2000)

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes...
2. Tales From The Inverted Womb
3. Do You Know About The Water Of Life?
4. ...And Bringer Of Sadness
5. Résumé...
6. Totes Kind/Little Dead Boy
7. May I Kiss Your Wound?
8. Saturn Devouring His Children
9. There Was A Country By The Sea
10. Little Velveteen Knight
11. Eldorado [1]

© 2000 Apocalyptic Vision

      [1] Tекст - Эдгара Аллана По.

      Artwork By [Images] - Sopor Aeternus
      Artwork By [Photography] - Joachim Tremmel
      Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - Sopor Aeternus
      Bassoon, Bassoon [Bass] - Guido Spitz
      Cello - Martin Höfert
      Double Bass - Johannes Knirsch
      Drums, Percussion - Simon-Tobias Ostheim
      Oboe, Clarinet - Jutta Sinsel
      Recorded By, Mixed By - Sopor Aeternus, Tobias Hahn
      Trombone - Carsten Weilnau
      Trumpet - Alexander Gröb
      Tuba - Eugene De La Fontaine
      Violin - Katrin Ebert

      First edition came in a small box with a slipcase containing the CD and limited to 3000 copies.

      The second edition came in a regular jewelcase.