Sopor Aeternus: Flowers In Formaldehyde (2004)

1. In An Hour Darkly
2. The Conqueror Worm [1]
3. Minnesang
4. Von der Einfalt
5. Hearse-Shaped Basins Of Darkest Matter [2]
6. Leeches & Deception [2]
7. Extract From: "The Voices Of The Dead"
8. Do You Know My Name? / What Has Happened While We Slept?

© 2004 Apocalyptic Vision

      [1] Tекст - Эдгара Аллана По.
      [2] Инструментальные версии одноименных композиций с альбома La Chambre d'Écho.

      Artwork By - Anna-Varney Cantodea
      Artwork By [Digital Photography Assistant] - Michael "Renfield" Lebek
      Artwork By [Digital Photography] - Wolfgang Voglhuber
      Bassoon - Doreena Gor
      Cello - Elizabeth Tollington
      Clarinet - Tonia Price
      Drums - Paul Brook
      Mastered By - John A. Rivers
      Oboe - Andrew Pettitt
      Producer, Mixed By - Anna-Varney Cantodea, John A. Rivers
      Recorded By - John A. Rivers
      Trombone - Julian Turner
      Trumpet - Tim Barber
      Tuba - Anthony Bartley
      Violin - Susannah Simmons

      Includes a note from Apocalyptic Vision saying that the record should have originally titled "The Adventures of Ms Penny Dreadful", but the title was changed at last minute.
      Comes in a DVD digipak with slipcase.
      Limited to 2000 hand-numbered copies.

      This EP is the companion release to "La Chambre D'Echo - Where The Dead Birds Sing" box release and through a postcard pre-order sheet included in the box had the limited-time opportunity to be pre-ordered and reserved with same identic limitation number.