Sopor Aeternus: Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation (2005)

Трек-лист первого CD:

1. Omen Sinistrum (orig.demo)
2. Dead Souls (orig.demo)
3. Stake Of My Soul (orig.demo)
4. Beautiful Thorn (orig.demo)
5. Baptisma (orig.demo)
6. The Feast Of Blood (orig.demo)
7. Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est (orig.demo)
8. Reprise (orig.demo)
9. White Body (previously unreleased demo)
10. Diô N'árap
11. Tabor C'alan Oítana
12. Deep The Eternal Forest
13. Watch Your Step (previously unreleased demo)
14. Introduction: The Termite People
15. Anima I
16. Shadowsphere II
17. Saltatio Crudelitatis
18. Freitod-Phantasien
19. Anima II
20. Tanz der Grausamkeit
21. As Fire Kissed The Echo Twins (previously unreleased demo)

Трек-лист второго CD:

1. The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller II
2. Ein freundliches Wort hat meine Seele berührt
3. Memalon II
4. Alone
5. Modela Est
6. Birth (instrumental)
7. Feralia Genitalia: The Arrival Of The Jugglers
8. Menuetto
9. Saturn-Impressionen
10. May I Kiss Your Wound?
11. Alone II
12. The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller II (instrumental)
13. The Widow's Dream: Fragment (previously unreleased demo)
14. The Goat (previously unreleased outtake)
15. The Bells Have Stopped Ringing (previously unreleased outtake)

Трек-лист третьего CD:

1. In An Hour Darkly
2. The Conqueror Worm (by Edgar Allan Poe)
3. Minnesang
4. Von der Einfalt
5. Hearse-Shaped Basins Of Darkest Matter (instrumental)
6. Leeches & Deception (instrumental)
7. Extract from: The Voices Of The Dead
8. Do You Know My Name? / What Has Happened While We Slept?
9. Video-trailer: La Chambre d'Écho (by Joachim Luetke)

Трек-лист DVD:

1. And Bringer Of Sadness
2. The Bells Have Stopped Ringing
3. The Goat
4. Deep The Eternal Forest
5. The Dog Burial

© 2005 Apocalyptic Vision

      Limited to 3000 hand-numbered and signed copies.

      The box contains remastered versions of albums and contain additional tracks, amongst them are both tracks of the new 12", "The Goat / The Bells Have Stopped Ringing". Also included is a 1:1 replication of the original demo cassette, "Es reiten die Toten so schnell", two DVD's (PAL and NTSC) of which the NTSC version contains an alternate take of the "Deep the Eternal Forest" video, a poster, a sticker, two patches, a T-shirt, a black funeral grape and a signed and numbered certificate.