Sopor Aeternus: Les Fleurs Du Mal (2007)

1. Architecture (All That's Erected Are Walls)
2. Always Within The Hour
3. In der Palästra
4. A Little Bar Of Soap
5. Bitter Sweet [1]
6. Our Lady Of The Broken Hearts
7. La Mort D'Arthur
8. The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood
9. Helvetia Sexualis
10. Les Fleurs Du Mal
11. Shave, If You Love Me
12. Some Men Are Like Chocolate
13. The Virgin Queen

© 2007 Apocalyptic Vision

      [1] Музыка и текст: Bryan Ferry & Andrew Mackay, Roxy Music, альбом "Country Life" (1974).

      Bassoon - Doreena Gor
      Cello - Liz Hanks
      Choir - Choir Of The Collegiate Church Of St. Mary Of Warwick
      Clarinet - Andrew Piper
      Composed By - Anna-Varney Cantodea
      Drums - Burt Eerie, Terence Bat
      Lyrics By - Anna-Varney Cantodea
      Oboe, Instruments [Cor Anglais] - Mike Davis
      Performer - Anna-Varney Cantodea
      Trombone - Fenton Bragg
      Trumpet - Daniel Robson
      Tuba - Eugene De La Fontaine
      Violin - Naomi Koop, Susannah Simmons
      Vocals - Anna-Varney Cantodea

      Limited edition of 2000 copies in a deluxe box, containing: a 6-pages Digipak in 7" format; 40-pages booklet including all lyrics, illustrations and photos; a 112-pages Sopor Aeternus manga-comic representing the meaning of each song; a cardboard photo, signed and embossed by Anna-Varney.

      The limited copy number is printed in silver ink on the box back.