Sopor Aeternus: Have You Seen This Ghost? (2011)


1. I Don't Believe In Ghosts
2. One Day My Prince Will Come
3. Cornucopia D'amour
4. It Is Safe To Sleep Alone
5. Hello
6. At The Stroke Of Midnight Gently
7. Starlight Seen Through Veils Of Tears
8. Powder
9. Angel Of The Golden Fountain
10. Where The Ancient Laurel Grows
11. I Fell For One (Who Loved Me Not)
12. Holding Out For A Hero
13. The Hours Of Sadness


1. It Is Safe To Sleep Alone

© 2011 Apocalyptic Vision

      Limited to 1,999 copies.

      Features of this CD+DVD edition:

      CD and DVD in book format (approx. 250 x 155 mm)
      Hardcover book, bound in purple linen, black print and mounted with a solid Sopor Aeternus metal coin in 'antique silver' look (approx. 50mm diameter)
      128-pages, precious art-print on high-quality paper (170 grams) with elaborate "Singer" thread stitching
      Contains all lyrics, exclusive photos, illustrations by Ingo Römling/Monozelle
      Hand-numbered and signed by Anna-Varney Cantodea
      Packaged in a solid cardboard box, coated with special paper in linen look, embossed, picture print and black inside lamination