Sopor Aeternus: Разные песни

As Fire Kissed The Echo Twins

A summon to the wind
As fiery scarlet waves flew down
From the head to the feet
And the boys inbetween.
Crowning their heads in a hightide
Of flames.
Gushing forth endlessly to the distant shores
Of white and innocent flesh...
Free of any kind of dust
As fire kissed the Echo Twins.
Naked but unharmed they lay
In front of a golden, almost blinding throne
As fire kissed the Echo Twins
Two irrational Gods had been born...

Flowers For The God

His lips
Soft like powder
And cold, so cold as snow
Mingled with the dust we feel
Like Babylon was doomed to fall
Like whores brought plague
To Kings and realms
Time brought us death, decay
And Hell...
("Till Times And Times Are Done")

Untitled I

In filth, decay and disrelish
The legless man was kneeling
In the Cathedral of Hopelessness
Where our past lies burried and sleeping...

Untitled II

Folge mir ins Nirgendwo,
Nur drei Schritte bringen Dich zum fliegen
Es fült sich so seltsam an, als wir
Die Sonne berührten...
Komm, wir wollen verbrennen!!!
Wirf sechs Augen in die Luft
Und schau' auf dich herab.
Bin ich der Wind, der sich selbst verführt?
Was sind wir, unten, wo die Seele kauert,
Im tiefergelegenen Dunkel und voller Angst
Ach, zerfallen zu Staub...