Sopor Aeternus: Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation (2005)

Watch Your Step

Please, don't take anything with you,
Except maybe for some photographs,
And please don't leave anything behind... -
Save your own footprints in the sand.

As Fire Kissed The Echo Twins

A summon to the wind
As fiery scarlet waves flew down
From the head to the feet
And the boys inbetween.
Crowning their heads in a hightide
Of flames.
Gushing forth endlessly to the distant shores
Of white and innocent flesh...
Free of any kind of dust
As fire kissed the Echo Twins.
Naked but unharmed they lay
In front of a golden, almost blinding throne
As fire kissed the Echo Twins
Two irrational Gods had been born...

The Widow's Dream

Come, bury our bodies, may they crumble to dust,
So that no one can ever awake them, alas.
Then our souls shall be free... to travel through dreams,
Together... forever... on the other sphere.

But Death has stolen my love from me,
Deceivingly he came from behind
When our bodies were sleeping... so closely entwined... -
On a Satur(n)day... side by side.

My beloved is gone and I am searching for him,
He is lost somewhere on the other side,
And I am wandering around... as I cannot recall,
How to uncover and open the gates.

My husband is dead and I am searching for him
In restless sleep every night,
But my efforts are futile and my only hope
Is to see him... the day that I die.

The Goat

There is an old goat
Knocking at my window-pane,
Standing upright in a frock-coat,
Somewhat earthcoloured and plain.

He is staring down at me
And the place where I have chosen to hide
In my futile attempt to dissolve... -
I discovered this cell as a child.

There is a medicine-case, he calls "being",
Which the goat carries under his arm.
He says, if I only allow him to enter
I shall never come to any harm.

He is giving quite an importance
To his frightening and urgent concern,
He says: "I have come to be your transformer... -
I'm your doctor, half goat and half man."

He says that this house will soon crumble
And that I am going to suffer as it falls.
He says: "Let me in now and I'll be your saviour... -
I'm your healer with hooves and horns!"