Wolfsheim: Hamburg Rom (1997)

1. Intro (Inspired By Antonin Dvorák)
2. The Sparrows And The Nightingales
3. A Look Into Your Heart
4. It's Not Too Late (Don't Sorrow)
5. Annie
6. Kissing The Wall
7. Now I Fall
8. For You I'm Bleeding
9. Elias
10. A Million Lovesong
11. Closer Still
12. Upstairs
13. Old Man's Valley
14. A Broken Whisper
15. A New Starsystem Has Been Explored
16. Leave No Deed Undone
17. Übers Jahr
18. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
19. This Time

© 1997 Strange Ways/Indigo

      На диске записаны выступления Вольфсхайм в городах Халле, Хильдесхайм, Гамбург, Потсдам, Бремен и Дортмунд во время концертов 1996-го года - в турне по альбому "Dreaming Apes".